Sep. 2nd, 2014

She said yes!!!

It only took, uh, just under two weeks?
haha at least I managed to whittle her down enough to finally give in to my charms!

This weekend I'm gunna be takin an extra special girl on an extra special date!

... Now I just have ta work out what an extra special date looks like..

Aug. 25th, 2014

I'm an idiot.
I've gone and adopted another kitten. And this one, while cute, is bitey.
Thinking of naming him Bitey... Or Shark. I'm leanin more toward Shark.
He's got a good snap to him!

Still he's a cutie so I can live with the random nips, he's only playin! And always licks me afterwards.
But pretty sure he's lickin me to clean the area before biting me again.

And now he's chewin on my laptop...
It's official. The cat is crazy and named Shark now.

On the girl front... The answer is still no... But I think I'm winning her over slowly!
Any day now...

Aug. 22nd, 2014

Found this cute little coffee shop today with this cute little thing servin coffee. Used all my best lines but, alas, I failed in my endeavour...
But I'm not gonna give up! Hell no. Not for that smile anyway.
I'll go back tomorrow and try again, there's no way she can resist me a second time.

Though I've just shot myself in the foot haven't I?
She's gonna say no now just because I said she wouldn't! Challengin the power of Worse, that's my downfall.
Murphy is gonna have a field day with me now. But still gonna try, because god loves a trier!

Test Post

This is just a test. IGNORE IT. Thanks.

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